Companies offering equity awards in Malaysia have long had to balance the cumbersome tax and securities filings against the business case for providing additional benefits to Malaysian employees. Recent amendments to the Malaysian Employment Act mean that companies will need to re-evaluate payroll deduction requirements and potential translation requirements when deciding to offer equity awards or an ESPP in Malaysia.

For more information on the impact of the amendments on your company’s equity plans, read our latest guest blog post for the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP) here.

Steve Stratton

Steve Stratton is a counsel in Baker McKenzie’s San Francisco office. He practices in the area of international equity plans. Mr. Stratton’s practice is focused on the areas of international equity plans, executive compensation, and employee benefits. He advises US multinational corporations on tax, securities, labor, data privacy, and exchange control compliance issues related to offering equity compensation programs outside of the US. He also advises non-US companies on tax and securities law issues related to offering equity plans in the US and also counsels companies on the cross-border tax issues for their mobile employees.