March 14, 2023, is recognized as Equal Pay Day in the US. This date symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn the same amount that men earned in the previous year. Because women earn less, on average, than men (according to the US Census Bureau), they must work longer for the same amount of pay. It is vital to know that the wage gap is even greater for most women of color.  

In recent years, legislatures have passed stricter laws aimed at combating gender pay discrimination. States and municipalities are arming themselves with different tools: laws range from lowering the bar for equal pay lawsuits by fundamentally altering how equal pay claims are analyzed in court to banning questions about salary history and more. The latest trend is requiring wage range disclosures in job postings and certain other employment situations, even if a covered employer has few employees – or in some cases, only one employee – working in the state or municipality enacting the law.

In the first video of our ID&E IMPACT video chat miniseries, Baker McKenzie’s Employment & Compensation lawyers discuss the increasing requirements for employers to disclose pay information, and practical tips to help negotiate the current landscape, particularly as a multistate employer.

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Special thanks to our guest co-presenters, Elizabeth Ebersole, Krissy Katzenstein and Dionna Shear.